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Spring at the beach

Well, Spring is here. People have been getting their COVID shots and piling onto the island for spring break. We welcome all of you. Here at the restaurant we are still doing the best we can with social distancing and wearing our masks. Doing our best to provide the best possible experience for you. It's been hard finding help. Not just us, all the restaurants down here. So, if you come in, please be patient.

We have been busy adding new wines to our wine list. We have some close out wines at great prices and we have $20 bottle features we are running that are all really tasty. The food here is amazing, I don't just say that because it's my restaurant. It really is. Everything is made to order so don't expect to be in and out of here in 30 minutes. Sit back, relax and enjoy the evening.

We have Wine Pairings the last Wednesday of every month. They are $35 per person plus tax and gratuity. We always serve something that is NOT on our menu, paired with some great value and great tasting wines. They are reservations required so call the restaurant if you would like to attend. You can see this month's menu on the Events page.

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